Florida man caught having sex with horse at Mississippi ranch claims ‘it seduced him’

A 36-year old Pensacola man on vacation in Mississippi has been caught by the owner of a guest ranch engaging in intercourse with a horse. The incident took at a ranch in southern Mississippi, near Hattiesburg, at a farm which is popular with tourists hoping for a taste of hiking, rafting and horseback riding. 

The accused man, Kevin Hall, had checked into the ranch for a week’s vacation. After spending his first day on a guided horseback tour through the surrounding mountains, Mr Hall retired early to his cabin, saying he was too tired to join the other guests at the ranch for a campfire dinner.

Early the next morning, the ranch’s owner, Mike* heard a commotion from the stables. “There was a lot of noise… I feared a wild animal had broken in and was attacking the horses,” he told Mississippi Herald. “I rushed out in the darkness to see what was going on.”

The sight that confronted the rancher as he entered the stable was completely unexpected. “Working on a ranch, I’ve heard stories about some sick freaks that have sex with animals, but I have never seen it in real life. And it was just a disgusting thing to see right in front of me.” Mike claims he saw Mr Hall in an intimate position with a mare, the same one that he had rode during the day.

“I shouted out to him: get out of there and get your clothes on,” says Mike. “After he was decent, I asked him what the heck he was doing. He looked me in the eye and said: I couldn’t help it, she seduced me when I was riding her today. I just had to have her.” A visibly shaken Mike continued: “It’s just sick, sick and depraved. I don’t know if that kind of thing is tolerated in Florida but it’s just not right.”

After he recovered from the shock, the rancher told Mr Hall to get out of the property immediately, and the next morning he reported the incident to the authorities. In Mississippi, sex with animals is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor for first-time offenders, and as such the accused could be required to complete a treatment program if charged and found guilty of the crime.

As of press time, no charges have been filed against Mr Hall, and it is believed he has already returned to Pensacola. Mr Hall’s defence that the horse ‘seduced him’ brings to mind an argument used by another high-profile case of human-animal liaisons.

During the 1970s, a journalist named Malcolm Brenner allegedly pursued a sexual relationship with a bottlenose dolphin named Dolly. Mr Brenner claims that Dolly ‘rubbed herself against him’ before ‘positioning herself’ for intimate contact. His claims were the inspiration for a novel, Realm of the Wet Goddess, and a 2015 documentary titled, appropriately, Dolphin Lover.

However, legal experts maintain that sex with animals still constitutes an act of animal cruelty in Mississippi, even if the animal in question is guilty of ‘seductive behavior’. “Being seduced by an animal is not a defence that would stand up in any courtroom in this state, and rightly so,” said Wayne Fullerton, a lawyer with a Jackson-based firm. “I think the prospects for a conviction against Mr Hall over this matter are high.”

* Editor’s note: Due to concerns that the incident may portray his business in a negative light, Mike requested Mississippi Herald to not publish his surname, or the name of the ranch he operates.

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